What If I Say I’m Not Like The Others?

Hello readers! So I wasn’t exactly sure what to write about in this blog, so I decided to make this an inspirational post. My subject isn’t necessarily somebody who played a part in making me realize music is what I’m meant to do. He isn’t somebody that has been there for me my whole life, he isn’t even somebody I know, nor is he my only inspiration. But Dave Grohl has played a huge part in keeping me going even through my rough patches.

If you don’t know who Dave Grohl is, he is the lead singer and guitarist of the band Foo Fighters, and used to be the drummer of Nirvana. He is a fantastic musician, but what I admire even more about Grohl is his personality. To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure Dave Grohl even knows he’s famous. It doesn’t seem to matter to him whether or not people like him, because he’s happy where he’s at. He plays the music he plays not to impress anybody else, but just because it’s what he likes to play and sing. So many artists now just try to fit in with what everybody else is doing and what’s popular at the time. Grohl has such an intense passion for music and believes everybody should just do what they want to do. He thinks everybody is going to have an opinion and you’re not going to impress everybody, but you can impress somebody, so in the end you’ll be much happier just doing what you want to do, and do it for you.

“Who should we ask to determine the value of a voice? Maybe The Voice? Can you imagine Bob Dylan singing ‘Blowing In the Wind’ in front of Christina Aguilera?”  -Dave Grohl

I strongly believe music is something that can appeal to everybody, and very often, it’s not the same cookie-cutter voice and progression that catches somebody’s attention. It’s a unique voice color or melody. Stevie Nicks and Ed Sheeran are two of my personal favorites, and they both have voices that can’t be mistaken for many else. As far as progressions go in contemporary stuff, who cares if you want to play a G D Em C progression all mixed up? If it fits and you like it, that should be enough. Somebody out there will enjoy and appreciate it, and that to me is a better feeling than knowing somebody just finds it catchy because it sounds like everything else on the radio at the moment. Dave Grohl has really opened my eyes to this mindset and that is why I’m so inspired by him. Thanks for reading!

-Bailey Shea