Music in Worship

Hello readers!

For my second blog post of the semester, I was assigned to write about how I’ve been affected through music in worship. Many times I’ve led my church with old hymnals, and many others I’ve been the audience members. Music in worship is always such an intense, captivating experience for me regardless of which role I play.

This semester, I started going to a church in Belton every Wednesday night with my roommates called Vista. The service always starts with two people leading us all in a song or two and every song moves me. The power of the lyrics blended with the dynamics and emotion behind the music itself, and not to mention the love of God that everybody around me always shares. Every time they play and sing I look around and observe all the other students there. You’d be absolutely AMAZED at how many people have their hands raised, eyes closed, singing at the top of their lungs not caring what they sound like, simply because they are singing for God, and that’s all that matters. This past week, they sang a song called “One Thing Remains,” and I literally had chills all over, and tears in my eyes from the emotion I felt from everybody else in the room. I can’t put into words how amazing it is to see everybody join together to praise our God. I think music is an enjoyable thing for most people as it is, and when you match music itself with songs for a Divine Power, the results are absolutely overpowering. Music is often one of my favorite parts of worship. Maybe I like the way it seems to speak to me so clearly, or maybe it’s the way everybody swallows their pride and shouts it as loud as they can. Maybe it’s seeing how it affects other people. Maybe it’s all of these things together. I strongly believe music is an incredibly important part of worship, because of the way it moves me and others around me, because of the way it brings us together, because of the power it has to send chills down our spine and bring tears to our eyes, because of the way it makes us feel free from everything, and most importantly, because of the message it sends to us to remind us we are loved.

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