The “Why’s” of Music

Hello readers!

For my third blog post of this semester, I was asked to write about the “why” questions of my music career. Personally, I don’t believe I really have any “why” questions pertaining to music. I’ve never wondered why I was called to music. I’ve never wondered why I listen to certain songs at certain times. I’ve never wondered why I wanted so bad to learn how to play the guitar or how to sing. I think the main question I have when it comes to my music is “how?” How do I write a song on my own? How do I learn to take an instrument apart and put it back together again so that I’m able to fix my own if something ever happens to it? How in the world do I make time to learn all the instruments I want to learn?

Before my time at UMHB is up, I want to know more about music than I ever dreamed possible. I want to know how certain songs are able to speak to us in ways that we can’t comprehend. I want to know how we can get chills from some songs and not others. I want to know how a song linked to someone or something special, no matter how long ago, can bring back memories that are so vivid to us it feels like it was just yesterday. Overall, I just want to know how music is one of the few things that in some way can speak to just about everybody.

I still have so many questions about my music career. Where am I going? How am I going to get there? Who am I going to be in this world? What will people always remember me by when they hear my name? No matter how many questions I have over this topic, I know in my heart that music will always be my calling, and I personally don’t feel like I need to know why. I’m perfectly satisfied with just knowing music is what I’m meant to do.

Thanks for reading!

Bailey Shea

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