“Fun”-Filled Fridays!

Good evening, y’all!

As I’m sitting here waiting for my second shift of the day to start, I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about, so shout-out to my other half-who probably won’t read this ;)-for giving me a topic idea for tonight’s post! My weeks usually go something like this:

Monday-Wednesday– 8-5 job, evenings are used for homework and/or practice, sometimes video-posting on my Facebook music page *cough* Bailey Shea Music *cough*. (This is what evenings are used for if I’m not working one of my other side jobs)
Thursdays– 8-5 job, 6:30-whenever: shows at one of my side jobs.
Fridays– 8-5 job, 6-midnight or later: working at whatever concert is playing at my other side job.
Saturdays and Sundays are usually used for family time (if I’m not working), and/or homework, IF the family time isn’t interrupted by pressing due dates for assignments that I didn’t have a chance to get to during the week.

This week has looked a little like this:

Monday: Work 8-5, read about a half of one out of four chapters I needed to read for this week’s school because “I still have the rest of the week, it’s only Monday!”
Tuesday: Work 8-5 (with a Hot Pocket followed by a totally necessary nap on my lunch break), re-read that first half of the chapter because “I forgot what I read.”
Wednesday: Work 8-5, with a Lions Club meeting on lunch (there went a chance to get some homework knocked out, but nonetheless I much preferred the meeting), then practice from 6:30-about 10:30(ish?) with a band of our friends that Kory (my S/O) has been playing with recently (knocked out about a chapter and a half while they were practicing-and yes, that includes re-re-reading the first half of the first chapter).
Thursday: Work 8-5, my weekly gig at 6:30, immediately followed by a mad dash to another band practice about 20 minutes away.
Tonight: Work 8-5, ran home to grab my homework, followed by yet another mad dash (accompanied by some SERIOUS road rage) to my other job for tonight’s concert, which consists of Taylor Branch and The Lone Star Ramblers (the band Kory has been playing with-always a great time to see my dude onstage doing what he loves!) opening up for Kody West! Oh, and did I mention I’ll be doing a bit of harmony with Taylor tonight? No? Because it should be a pretty damn good time.

With everything that goes on, it gets a little hard sometimes with working a full time job, 1-2 side jobs, trying to maintain and build a following for my music and my photography venture, and doing online school, which usually includes about 2 hours worth of required live chats at different times throughout the week (usually when I’m at work, or sometimes a show). Oh, and what’s that other thing…I think they call it sleep? I try to keep a decent balance of that too.

Ideally, online school sounds like a dream for a busy life. And in reality, it is. However, it does get a little difficult when you realize that basically, you have to teach yourself a big part of that. As in you have to have enough self-discipline to basically tell yourself on a daily basis, “Quit binge-watching The Office and get your sh*t done.”

With all this going on, Kory thought it would be an interesting post to talk about how I manage to get it all done every week! This is how:

I usually don’t. I’m terrible at adulting. I’m also accepting tips on how to maintain a busy life. Help a girl out?

Thanks for listening to my ranting (as if it’s different from every other day)!


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